Why Should Your Hire Anicetus Solutions For Your Cyber Security Penetration Testing Needs

Your business can be at a serious disadvantage with just one cyber-attack. Research has indicated that a whopping 60% of mid and small-sized businesses close their doors just 6 months after a deadly attack. If you didn’t know, when businesses fall prey to cybercriminals and hackers, they lose repeat clients. Read on as we look at the benefits of hiring Anicetus Solutions for all of your cyber security penetration testing needs today!

What to Expect from Our Services

With Anicetus Solutions, you’ll be able to protect your business from harmful cyber attacks. At Anicetus Solutions, cyber security will be provided to protect your business from just about every cyber attack. Their state-of-the-art solutions will ensure that hackers and malware stay at bay as they actively monitor and update your defense and network activity.

When hired, you’ll also be able to rest assured because they’re highly trained and equipped to find just about every weak point in your network infrastructure. Most if not all networks have a couple of security vulnerabilities that allow attackers into the system. Anicetus Solutions will successfully perform a system audit to determine the weak points of the network and they’ll find the right solutions to deal with the results and strengthen your network.

It’s Time to Consider Cyber Security Penetration Testing

If your company has employees, you’ll need to provide some form of training so that they can help protect your network. Most cyber companies tend to provide training to ensure that human errors are reduced. According to a 2018 study, up to 27% of human errors have resulted in breaches. So, having a company come in and educate your employees will save you in the long run.

Cybersecurity firms also actively perform routined patch management for each device in your network. This ensures that the risks of vulnerabilities within the network are reduced. They simply download and install the newest and updated patches on network devices so that your network is always protected.

With Anicetus Solutions, your network will always be routinely monitored for even the smallest changes. Just about every method of scanning will be done to detect if harmful malware has found a way into your infrastructure. If anything is found, it is automatically cleaned and the system is then restored to regular working conditions.

Additionally, your business will also be helped with business compliances. This just simply means that as huge breaches make their way into the mainstream, more government organisations are introducing strict laws for business entities that do not follow the regulations behind protecting customer data. When companies fail to meet these standards, there can be serious penalties to compensate for the damages done during breaches. Hence companies will ensure that your business meets the regulations are your network maintains the required standard.

Get the Best in Managed Cybersecurity Services in Jacksonville NC

As we conclude, we have just looked at the benefits that you can attain when you hire Anicetus Solutions. After suffering a cyber attack, most companies are forced to close their doors. So, if you’re planning to stay above the competition, you’ll need to hire a professional and experienced company to take care of your cyber security penetration testing needs!